Clinical Research

Our clinical research focuses on problems of hearing and balance in children and adults.
Recent and current studies have focused on:

  • Impaired sensory integration in different patient populations

  • Our initial studies, examining sensory integration in healthy subjects
    Original Paper 
    Recently Accepted Paper - Examining sensory integration at different stimulus levels

  • Head Trauma:
    Click here to learn more about TIMS test

  • Motion Sensitivity:
    Download Coming Soon (Spencer Smith, AAS 2012 conference poster)

  • Imbalance in children and adults following cochlear implantation

  • Development of surgical techniques to improve cochlear implant outcomes

  • Causes of symptoms in imbalanced patients without vestibular loss

  • Treatment of vestibular migraine

  • Imbalance associated with radiation therapy for vestibular schwannomas

  • Development of new tests of vestibular function